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We are a Cheshire based charity dedicated to the welfare and conservation of birds of prey. Building on the work of Gauntlet Birds of Prey in Knutsford, our objectives are to promote the conservation and protection of birds of prey and their habitats both in the UK and Worldwide and to advance the education of the public regarding all aspects of birds of prey, particularly the role they play in the ecological balance of the environment.



We support Bird of prey projects both in the UK and worlwide.

Some may ask "Why are vultures so important?"

Vultures are essential to the ecosystem in many places of the Earth. Many people are ignorant of their value and importance. Essentially, by eating all the decaying animals and picking carcasses to the bone, all the bacteria and disease that would spread and leach into waterways and the water holes from which humans, and animals, drink from and depend on is prevented. Vultures therefore keep the ecosystem healthy by eating putrid carcasses that other predators will not touch, and do not have the stomach acid that is strong enough to kill the bacteria that feeds on the meat.
What's critical therefore is the number of vultures to the ecosystem and because they have declined so much there are too few of them to devour all the rotting flesh fast enough. Because they can't breed fast enough to recover the population they need our help either by providing "Vulture Restaurants" where safe food is provided, or captive breeding for later release.



Since 1996 Gauntlet has been educating individuals of all ages the importance of birds of prey and the conservation of them. Gauntlet's goal is to try and reach people from all walks of life, all ages and all degrees of learning abilities to convey the message that animals are a vital part of our world and without education, protection and conservation life simply cannot continue.

The Trust has been formed to continue, and build, on the work carried out by Gauntlet Birds of Prey.  On formation the Trust has three trustees from various backgrounds, but all with a lifelong interest in wildlife conservation.



Barclay's volunteers constructed kestrel nest boxes for this UK endangered species



Graham presents Kerri founder of VulPro with a cheque for £3000 for the construction of a White backed vulture breeding enclosure.



In 2020 the Trust sponsored two members of staff from Gauntlet Birds of Prey to visit South Africa where they  volunteered for two weeks at VulPro, vulture rescue centre. Daisy and Shannen raised funds for their trip which included a sponsored  climb up Snowdon in North Wales.



Near the peak of Snowdon on a very cold day.



Shannen and Daisy, with VulPro's Orbert  ready for two weeks hard work and learning about vulture rescue and rehabilitation on the front line.



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